Lizzie Doron interview


How did you feel as little girl living among suffering and bizarre persons, hurt by their tremendous past?

 As a child I had no idea that there are other options to experience childhood

How old was your mother when she told you her personal experiences in Poland?

She didn’t. Her story was to keep silence, so for me silence was the main issue. Her silence was my nightmare which I dreamed to defeat

You have published in Israel two more books not yet translated and distributed in Italy. Can you tell us something about them?

 The third one is a farewell to the old people who lived in that quarter. I tell the stories heard for years as a child in the local hair dresser salon.  Most of the stories describe their life before and during the holocaust

 In your books you describe Helena as hurt but not defeated, almost an epic character and always strictly bound to her principles. Can you tell us if you obtained something from this character; what did you exactly learn from her?

whoop… that  is a question. I think that for an answer we need a good psychologist

We notice in your books that the survivors of the Shoa suffer very much of the grief arising from the wars in “this country” i.e. Israel. Do you see a peaceful way out in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Do you think it could be realistic to see one day the different populations of the area peacefully living together?

 Not really.

 What are your passions beyond writing?


 Who do you best like to read?

 Depends on my  mood and other factors. Right now Molina is my favorite.From the Italian literature I like  Natalia Ginzburg, Mariolina Venezia. From Germany, Ingeborg Bachman, Franz Werel , from the Jewish section Shalom Alechem is my one…. but basically I read a lot and  love to find new and young writers.

What book are you reading at the moment?

 Alice Monro-The view from castle rock

 Are you working on something new right now?

 Yes. Just finished the story of my father’s secrets and work on a book  which tell the story of a Palestinian friend and our effort and difficulties to be in spite all friends

You lived some years in a kibbutz. Can you tell us your opinion on this kind of experience today?

 you probably know that the dream of socialism doesn’t really works any more, so today the kibbutz as it was in the fifties till the eighties  is just a nostalgic dream.

And of course I’m am sorry for that.

Back from your tour in Italy, can you tell me which impression did you get from Italy and from the Italian people? Did they come up to your expectations?

 Italy was and still is my favorite country in Europe. 

Could you tell us the feedback you received from the Italian readers not belonging to the Jewish community?

The Italian in general is opened and warm. As you know not just in literature… so there is not a real or deep difference between the Jewish community and the others, by the way the Jewish community is much more involved in politics in the Middle East which many time arouses difficulties which I don’t have with other Italian communities.


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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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